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Production Update 10-21-2017

The Movpaks are already finished and we are just running the last tests to start shipping. We know we are taking much longer than expected and apolo...

Production Update 10-04-2017

Dear backers, As stated in our last update, we were waiting for our backpack supplier to solve the problems of the backpacks we received last month...
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Production Update 08-09-2017

The production with the new backpack supplier is going as expected, but they requested a couple more days to deliver the backpacks, that will be re...
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Production Update 08-09-2017

Hello folks!  We desired to come back today with better news, but unfortunately, we could not start sending your Movpaks yet. As told in the last ...

Facebook live Q&A summary

Hello, guys!  Last Thursday, we had a productive live meeting on our Facebook page. There, we explained how the last months were spent, working har...
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Production Update 07-10-2017

Our decision to hire a giant company, Foxconn, the world's largest electronics manufacturer, has given us safety and access to cutting-edge technol...
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