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New Swappable Batteries

The evolution of the batteries

It seems every time we read the tech news, there's another battery exploding in those cheap  personal electric vehicles that have come to market. Whether it's because of technology or companies cutting corners on safety, (probably a combination of the two) it has really forced the hands of the airline industry to take safety measures to protect its travelers, regarding battery size, type, power, etc.

These new regulations have even forced us to reconstruct our batteries, not only to meet these new regulations so Movpak can be your traveling companion, but more importantly to ensure that our customers are safe, all the time, no exceptions! 

The battery improvements

As our IndieGoGo campaign was live, we were literally behind the scenes finalizing our new battery, a grueling 3 month process of testing. But with adversity comes opportunity, and we took that opportunity to construct a new battery case so now it is easily SWAPPABLE! Our goal is to make Movpak ridiculously user friendly so you don't have to worry about extended down time, or taking your Movpak to a shop to service everything. We work day and night improving so downtime is eliminated or kept to a bare minimum. 

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