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New LED panel and handle release

We want to share with you a couple of cool design improvements that we have been working on since we closed our campaign.

The first is a new handle release. If you remember the old one, it had a curved handle usually looked like a rope on the top of Movpak in most of the pictures and is used to release and unfold your Movpak. 

A lot of people didn't like the design feature so as we usually do, if enough people share a great idea for improvement, we do our best to implement changes based off market demand. 

This new one is more robust, intuitive and just plain cleaner in our opinion, making Movpak even more sleek.

Our second change is something we are really excited about! We've changed the control panel to an LED panel. Just visually alone it makes a huge impact, and functional wise, it's so much easier seeing all the cool features in one place allowing you to get the most out of your Movpak. 

Right now we are working on the last tweaks in the design for manufacturing and about to start pilot production and testing. Hang tight guys, we are working on making YOUR product even more amazing.

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