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Save the date for a limited time offer

The Movpak, the hybrid smart backpack and electric skateboard, is revolutionizing transportation in urban cities after a very successful crowdfunding campaign. This project raised over 500% of the predicted goal and delivered in more than 40 different countries.

On February 20th, 10am PST, we will be offering units that are ready to ship for a limited time with InDemand, on Indiegogo. The Early Bird offer will be an unique opportunity to get a great discount and a special gift, with immediate delivery!

The manufactured Movpak comes with a sleeker design that will allow for a safer, quicker, more connected and stylish way for commuters to cruise to their next destination.

It’s the best solution for the urban commuter!

Get your Movpak now, the best solution for the urban commuter.
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We are currently on sale through Indiegogo InDemand. Check out on the link below.

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