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Production Update 08-09-2017

Hello folks! 

We desired to come back today with better news, but unfortunately, we could not start sending your Movpaks yet. As told in the last updates, we have received the backpacks and started running the quality check on each piece to grant you would be receiving a product with the quality we know you deserve, the best, and that is our greatest commitment.

We found that besides the backpacks were very strong and well built, most of them got too tight on the Movpak structure, making it hard to install and sometimes tearing the internal fabric. To fix this problem, we have decided to return the whole order, so the supplier can change the internal fabric of every piece and send us the backpacks in conformity. It is not our intention to leave our backers without news, but we were waiting for their reply with the new deadline to submit this update. We had a meeting this morning and they will need another 35 days to almost completely redo the backpacks.

This was a great loss to their company, but our supplier is really committed to the project and quality of the product, so we are very confident that this issue will be easily overcome. It's a big company, with more than 5.000 workers working hard to get the job done to perfection.

As said before, the other 4 groups of pieces that build the Movpak are already manufactured and tested. We are just waiting for the backpacks to start shipping. We know that you are eager to start riding your Movpaks and believe, we almost can't wait for you to receive it either. Hope you understand that our goal is to deliver a very high-quality product, even if it costs us more time.


We appreciate your patience and support, and we are available to answer any questions you may have.

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