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Production Update 10-21-2017

The Movpaks are already finished and we are just running the last tests to start shipping. We know we are taking much longer than expected and apologize for this. Every time we spend had some basis and we really believed it would be possible. There were many stones on the way, and these are not over yet. We have other battles ahead for investment and distribution.

The Movpak is a very complex product, mainly because we have involved so many different specialties. To produce something so complex from scratch is an activity that demands effort, money, and research. It was necessary to resort to new forms of investment to complement what we got in this campaign. All these difficulties have already been overcome and completed, and very, very little is needed to complete our campaign. We just need a little more patience and persistence.

We hope you like and enjoy what is coming. Once again we want to thank you for all the support and apologize for all those delays and miscommunication.

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