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Popular topics on Movpak maintenance and service


The rear truck of Movpak will need to be adjusted according to each users weight and preference. Below is a picture of the truck and instructions on how to do so and why. This is very important and should not be overlooked! We'll try and put a video out for this too.

You can ride it really tight! Please check the safety instructions on our manual.

Also, it makes it a lot easier to have balance and to learn to ride if you get your trucks really tight, and you can loosen it as you improve your riding abilities.



Please, never release the board when your Movpak is too high above the ground. The Movpak should be set on solid ground, THEN you can engage the release handle and lift your Movpak off the ground just high enough to allow the deck to fully come out. We will have a tutorial on this soon, despite it being self explanatory. 


And 2. This really has to do with dropping your Movpak or checking in your Movpak in at airport outside of it's packaging, which both scenarios will not end well for your Movpak. Please keep the feedback coming in regards to this. I'll talk about air travel in just a moment.



The remotes shipped have a little difference on the pairing procedures from the manual. Therefore it may take some patience to get these paired in some cases. Try the easiest way I've found first which is to turn on Movpak, then remote, then push the pairing button on Movpak(remote icon), you'll hear a beep and just wait a few seconds(not touching any buttons or swearing) to see if pairs.If successful , you will hear "pairing." That means you're good to go. This is how some I tested paired. If that does not work, try these 5 steps below in this exact order.This should help most of you.

1. Turn OFF remote

2. Turn ON Movpak

3. Press the paring button on Movpak(remote icon)/ hear a beep.

4. Engage and hold braking function on remote and THEN turn ON remote while brakes still engaged.

5. Hear a beep if paired correctly.

(do not be concerned about a green blinking light on remote)

Still nothing?? Send us an email, we'll keep trying to get it paired. Worse case, we'll send you a new remote and go from there.

When charging your remote, you may NOT see a light indicating it is charging.(green or red) Even so, it IS charging, and only requires about 30 minutes for full charge.The remotes battery is designed to last at least a few days from the tests we've ran. But to be safe, do what I do and others are doing. Just charge every time you charge Movpak, and to play it safe, I even carry a remote charger in the Movpak in case I ever need to use the USB charging port to charge remote. Again, you shouldn't have to, but better to be prepared and play it safe.

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