Facebook live Q&A summary

Hello, guys! 

Last Thursday, we had a productive live meeting on our Facebook page. There, we explained how the last months were spent, working hard with Foxconn, and how did we face the problems that crossed our path, always focused on making the Movpak the best option for mobility, it's most important purpose.

One of those issues is the wireless charger that even after many tests and changes wasn't working as expected and correcting this problem would require very extensive changes in the internal structure and too much time, so we have decided to remove it. We also had to change the battery capacity and range to comply with airlines regulations, reducing it from 10 to 6 miles range, that will be charged fully in 2 hours and easily removable. As notified on the last updates, the tech is ready and under production.

Still, the only thing that is holding us back is the backpack. We had a problem with our original manufacturer, who changed the terms of our contract postponing the deadline for three months ahead. This was unacceptable. We found a new supplier, a bigger and safer company, who committed to deliver in 45 days.

As intentional, this was a great opportunity to directly answer the questions of our backers. Here we quote a few of them:


Q: Do you need special tools to remove the battery?

A: No. The process can be easily done with your hands as demonstrated on the video.

Q: How much will extra batteries cost? Will you be releasing more powerful batteries?

A: Probably from $100 - $200. We plan on releasing batteries with larger capacity in the future. Our crowdfunding supporters will receive an extra battery as a gift.

Q: What stage are you at in the Mobile App development? How many platforms do you have for the app?

A: The app is under development. iOS is waiting for approval and Android will be uploaded within two weeks.


Q: Can we replace the wheels, bearings, trucks and risers?

A: Yes for the front wheels and bearings. It's not recommended to change the trucks and risers.

Thank you for attending and giving us a new opportunity to get closer and show what's in our heart. We are nothing without your support and it's rewarding to see our dream coming true.

Please get back to us if you have any further questions or concerns.

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