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Extra safety information + User Manual

Hello guys!

This is a brief update to reinforce some important security information:

Before moving up on Movpak for the first time, we recommend that you train all movements on the remote until you feel familiar and secure with it. Note that the keys may present some resistance, as they were designed for you to control the Movpak more accurately. The control does not brake on its own, so it is necessary to steer it back until your Movpak stops completely. Remember to wear a helmet and protective gear. Always drive carefully and pay close attention to your surroundings!

In addition, the engine installed inside the wheels can become very hot after long periods of use. Therefore, be careful when handling your Movpak to prevent accidents and burns. Avoid taking Movpak on your back when using public transport: in addition to occupying the space that could be filled by another person, it may hurt other passengers. Prefer to carry it on the ground, at your side or your front.

All this information will be updated soon in the online version of the instruction manual, available here, and in the next prints. The instruction manual for our first batch has already been printed and is bundled together with your Movpaks, ready to leave Foxconn straight to its destination between the 10th and 15th of November.
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