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Can carry all you need
First and foremost it really is just a normal backpack. This too has zippers and pockets to carry whatever it is you need for your trip and you can wear on your back or pull like a rolling luggage.
Perfect for commuters
Movpak adds a clever backpack component so the whole thing holds up and away for when you need to dash down some subway steps or go inside a building for work.
Commuting will be fun
Connect to your phone wirelessly, listen to your favorite songs with our built-in speaker, charge your gadgets, wear, roll or ride at up to 15mph. Going to work has never been so fun!
Great for students
Never be late for class again! The Movpak will hold all your books while you rush around campus riding the board powered by our awesome electric motor.


Zooming along the street outside Gizmodo’s NYC headquarters certainly was fun, and I would have loved to hang on the board to test it on my daily commute.

Robert Sorokanich, Gizmodo

We tested it near our offices in San Francisco, and for the most part it made getting around a lot more fun. It has a top speed of 15 miles per hour with a range of 6 miles, more than enough for most walks to work.

Kyle Russel, Techcrunch

Based on the fact that I couldn’t keep from giggling like a little kid while flying across 40th Street, I’d say it’s pretty fantastic.

Daniel Howley, Yahoo
Get your Movpak now, the best solution for the urban commuter.
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